June 29th (Fri) , 2018

Scheduled for July Grand Kabuki Boat Parade

In 1978, “Association for Promoting Kabuki in Kansai” was formed (renamed as “Association of Kabuki Admirers” in 1992) to revive Kabuki performances in Kansai, the birthplace of Kabuki. Next year, before the first performance was given in Asahi-za, Funanorikomi (Boat Parade) made a come back after 55 years of its absence. Funanorikomi is the traditional opening ceremony in which Kabuki actors from Edo or Kyoto parade along the river on board, greet Kabuki fans at the riverside, and head to the playhouse in Dotonbori. Actors and participants board a boat decorated with colorful flags and lanterns, land in Ebisu Bridge while greeting to their fans along the river, and parade to the theater along the streets where local residents welcome their visits. The event has become an early-summer tradition in Naniwa.


Visitors can enjoy the parade by one’s favorite Kabuki actors from Ebisu Bridge, Tonbori River Walk to Osaka Shochiku-za.

Date June 29th (Fri) , 2018
Description Near Dotonbori River/Ebisu Bridge The July Grand Kabuki, which will be the 27th performance for the Kansai Kabuki Lovers’ Society, will be performed at the Osaka Shochiku-za Theater (July 3rd ~ 27th). For the occasion, the performers of a July Grand Kabuki drama, the governor of Osaka Prefecture, the mayor of Osaka, and presidents of local shopping arcades will board a boat that docks near Dotonbori River and Ebisu Bridge. After delivering messages, they will parade from the promenade to Osaka Shochiku-za where the performance will be given.
Access 1-9-19, Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka (1 minutes walk from “Namba” subway station and “Osaka Namba” station in Hanshin/Kintetsu line)
Website http://www.kabuki-bito.jp/
 七月大歌舞伎船乗り込み 七月大歌舞伎船乗り込み 七月大歌舞伎船乗り込み


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