July 22 (Sun) and 23 (Mon) , 2018

Imamiya Ebisu Shrine Children's Ebisu

Children's Ebisu, the summer festival that was organized together with Hirota Shrine to provide entertainment for children, commemorates the 41th anniversary this year. The program includes a special corner where children can play in the snow in the middle of the summer, a Hoekago Parade, a handmade playground, an exhibition of children's paintings, a dance performance, a storytelling with picture cards, and an annual "Imamiya Ebisu Shrine's New Comic Duo Contest" on the stage.


The festival features exciting programs for both adults and children from early evening to night: the oversized snow slide attracts many children every year, various handmade playgrounds make the time pass quickly, and together with night stalls, Japanese

Date July 22 (Sun) and 23 (Mon) , 2018
Description Yoimiya Festival on July 22 (Sun), Honmiya Festival on July 23 (Mon), 17:00 to 21:00 on each day * On both days, there will be a Yukagura steam ritual where visitors can go to touch the steam and pray to ward off summer illnesses. * Snow section provides a 20-meter-long oversized snow slide and a special slope where children can play in the snow. * Handmade playground features a paper fishing, a darts, a paper Sumo match, a portrait, an Origami, a children's Ema (votive picture tablet), and the 'happy bazaar'. * At the exhibition, children's pieces that are painted in the big traditional Japanese papers will be displayed inside the grounds of the shrine. During the night, these paintings will be beautifully projected on lanterns. * The stage program includes various dance performances and a storytelling with picture cards. The 39th Comic Duo Contest, a competition where unknown duos or groups compete to receive the award, has been a gateway to many famous comic duos such as 'Down Town' or 'Kei and Shu'.
Access 1-6-10, Ebisunishi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka (5 minutes walk from Exit 3 of "Daikoku-cho" subway station in Midosuji/Yotsubashi line, 5 minutes walk from Exit 5 of "Ebisu-cho" subway station in Sakaisuji line, within easy access of "Imamiya Ebisu" station in Nankai Koya line)
Website http://www.imamiya-ebisu.jp/


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