July 24 (Tue) and 25 (Wed) , 2018

Dondoko Boats and Bunraku Boats

On the day of Teijin Festival, "Dondoko Boat" create a gorgeous scene as they sail across the Dotonbori River to mark the beginning of the festival.


Visitors can enjoy seeing festival boats come and go as they make their way along the promenade and myriad of shops. We hope you will send the appreciative clapping “Osaka jime” to these boats and take part in this Osaka festival.

Date July 24 (Tue) and 25 (Wed) , 2018
Description The "Dondoko Boat" and "Children's Dondoko Boat" are unique, majestic, and gorgeous hand-rowed boats which will make the festival more exciting and which can be boarded freely by lining up in the Funatogyo line. The origin of the name "Dondoko Boat" is said to be related to the fact that the boat makes a sound resembling "dondoko" as it moves, letting people know that the Tenjin Festival is being held. The "Children's Dondoko Boats" are boats rowed by children with power that you wouldn't expect from elementary school and middle school students called "kowaka" who have practiced over many months. The boats are dispatched on the July 24 festival eve vigil and July 25 main shrine to the Dotonbori River. Please take this chance to get an up-close experience with the Minami Tenjin Festival! In addition, on July 25th, at the Tenjin Festival Main Shrine, “Bunraku Boats” and “Bunraku Boat Escort Boats,” which are participating this year for the first time, will be dispatched around 17:00 from Ebisubashi Bridge over Dotonbori River. A lively departure ceremony will be held before dispatch of boats ridden by Bunraku Puppets and artists. It is possible to enjoy an aspect of the Tenjin Festival while remaining in the Ebisubashi area, so please be sure to come. Information, including schedule, will be posted to the Tenjin Festival Bunraku Boat Service Association Facebook page.
Access Dotonbori River (5 minutes walk from "Namba" subway station and "Osaka Namba" station in Hanshin/Kintetsu line, 8 minutes walk from "Namba" in Nankai line)
Website https://www.facebook.com/Bunrakubune


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