July 14 (Sat) , 2018

Namba Yasaka Shrine Summer Festival & Rikutogyo (Land Procession)

Namba Yasaka Shrine, the ancient guardian deity of the Namba area, was once called Namba Shimonomiya. The summer festival that celebrates it is also known as Namba Festival. Rikutogyo (Land Procession), also known as Namba Gion Festival, is a summer festival of the shrine that features a parade by the shrine parishioners through the territory of the shrine, following Funatogyo on the day before. A Shinto ritual and dedication are held inside the grounds of the shrine.

難波八阪神社夏祭り 陸渡御

On July 14, Rikutogyo procession will march through Sennichimae, Dotonbori, and Ebisubashi Shopping Arcade. Enjoy the parade during your visit to the area for shopping or dining.

Date July 14 (Sat) , 2018
Description On the 14th, there is a parade from Shiokusa, Inari, Tateba, around Horie, Sennichimae through Dontobori and Ebisubashi Suji . Drums centered in the mikoshi (portable shrines), Shishimai(lion) dancing around and lines and lines of local children stretching a hundred meters or more also participating. At 6:00pm on both days at the Shishimai stage, visitors can see the shishimai “lion stage” dance, Mochimaki ritual (dropping rice cakes to the gathering people).
Access 2-9-19, Motomachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka (6 minutes walk from “Namba” subway station and “Osaka Namba” station in Hanshin/Kintetsu line, 6 minutes walk from “Shinsaibashi” subway station and “Namba” station in Nankai line) Across the area from Sennichimae - Dotonbori (southern part) - Namba - Horie
Website http://nambayasaka.jp/
難波八阪神社夏祭り 陸渡御難波八阪神社夏祭り 陸渡御難波八阪神社夏祭り 陸渡御


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