July 13 (Sat) and 14 (Sun) , 2019

Osaka Minami Summer Festival 2019 and Nigiwai Square

There are many kinds of events including fun stage events, food booths, vendor booths, mini fair stalls, and more.

大阪ミナミ夏祭り 2022& 中央区にぎわいスクエア

“Nigiwai Square” introduces the bustle and activity (nigiwai) of Chuo-ku (such as events and festivals) all in one place. Why not have some fun this summer spending time together in the center of Osaka?!

Date July 13 (Sat) and 14 (Sun) , 2019
Description On the Tombori River Walk (the Dotonborigawa River promenade/from Ebisubashi Bridge to Tazaemonbashi Bridge) there are Shinto performances called Kagura, Houkoku Dance (a dance performed wearing a casual summer Kimono called Yukata), Yosakoi dance, cheerleading performances, cosplay dances, Tombori STREET FESTA and a wide variety of other performances unfolding.
Access Transportation Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka City (4 min on foot from “Namba” Subway Station and “Osaka Namba” Station of the Hanshin Electric Railway and Kintetsu Railway), 6 min on foot from “Shinsaibashi” Subway Station and from “Namba” Station on the Nankai line.)
Organizer Osaka City Chuo Ward Office, Osaka Revitalization Project 2017 Executive committee TEL 06-6267-9832
Chuo Ward Office Civic Collaboration Section (Promotion of town charms)
大阪ミナミ夏祭り 2022& 中央区にぎわいスクエア


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