July 17 (Tue) and 18 (Wed) , 2018

Naniwa Kozugu Shrine Grand Festival (Summer Festival)

Kouzu Shrine, the setting for the classic Rakugo, “Lottery of Kouzu”, provides many events throughout the year and is popular among people. Grand Festival is the most sublime and popular among all the events. Many people participate in the festival featuring a Shinto ritual for disaster prevention, a children’s parade on portable shrines that represents a ritual celebration, various types of entertainment dedicated to the gods of the shrine, or night stalls.

浪速・高津宮 大祭(夏祭り)

At this shrine festival, the “Gosaiba (Mallotus japanicus),” which grows within the precincts of the shrine, and “ice” are given in offering. At the conferment location within the precincts of the shrine, leafed bamboo switches with an attached lion’s head

Date July 17 (Tue) and 18 (Wed) , 2018
Description On the 17th, Yoimiya will start from 15:00. On the 18th, Honmiya will start from 10:00. The portable shrine carried by young children, elementary and junior high school students, technical college students, local residents of Kuromon Shopping Arcade and Karahori district will enter the shrine around 15:00 and 17:00. In the afternoon, dragon dances and floats carrying musicians who provide lively music will be performed at a hall for ema (votive tablet). The program from early evening features a dedication including dances, songs, the demonstration of martial arts, musical performances (admission free), an exhibition of children’s paintings inside the grounds of the shrine, Summer Festival Rakugo Performance (18th, admission charged) at the meeting hall, and many stalls until 21:00 on each day.
Access 1-1-29, Kouzu, Chuo-ku, Osaka (5 minutes walk from Exit 2 of "Tanimachi 9 chome" subway station)
Website http://www.kouzu.or.jp/
浪速・高津宮 大祭(夏祭り)浪速・高津宮 大祭(夏祭り)浪速・高津宮 大祭(夏祭り)


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