July 14 (Sat) and 15 (Sun) , 2018

Mitsu Hachiman Shrine

Mitsu Hachimangu Shrine is the local Shinto deity of Shinsaibashi area, and while it is surrounded by America-Mura the grounds have a subdued and peaceful appearance. Shops of the Shinsaibashisuji shopping district and the Amerikamura area are cooperating to return the shrine's summer festival to its former bustling level of activity, putting on the portable shrine procession, and a local youth group is putting on a night fair in the shrine grounds.

御津宮(御津八幡宮) 夏祭

Mikoshi procession which used to be a big festival in the Edo period made a come back as a children’s parade on portable shrines, then due to a population decline, has been taken over by the shrine parishioners as well as female participants, the energetic

Date July 14 (Sat) and 15 (Sun) , 2018
Description 14th/ Parade of portable shrines from 14:30 to 17:30 15th/ Night stalls (game) by local youth group from 18:00 to 20:30 * For more information for participants of portable shrines, please contact Mitsu Hachiman Shrine.
Access 2-10-7, Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka (3 minutes walk from “Shinsaibashi” subway station, 7 minutes walk from “Namba” subway station and “Osaka Namba” station in Hanshin/Kintetsu line)
御津宮(御津八幡宮) 夏祭御津宮(御津八幡宮) 夏祭御津宮(御津八幡宮) 夏祭


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